Choosing the right diamond for your engagement ring often comes down to the question of cut: solitaire brilliant or princess cut? At Valquère, we accentuate the beauty of the princess cut diamond, the square version of the brilliant cut. It’s more than just a popular choice—it’s a statement, embodying the declaration of a novel luxury.

The princess cut, believed to have originated in the Golden Sixties, received a modern upgrade in 1979 by diamond cutters Ygal Perlman, Betzalel Ambar, and Israel Itzkowitz. Their innovative method granted the cut its notable high yield, retaining approximately 80-90% of the original diamond— a striking contrast to the 50% retention of the brilliant cut. That’s not just economic brilliance, but also a testament to the sustainability values embedded in Valquère's ethos.


Princes cut diamond engagement ring

The Various Possibilities with The Popular Princess Cut

At Valquère, we take pride in handcrafting your princess cut engagement rings, infusing each piece with a touch of personal care and high-quality lab-grown diamonds. Dive into our extensive online collection or contact us for tailored advice. Embrace the allure of the princess cut as the choice for your engagement ring—make your statement with Valquère.
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