For those who appreciate the sheer luxury of diamond jewellery, the British Crown Jewels serve as an impeccable source of inspiration. To own diamond earrings embedded with gems as grand as the ones sparkling in the Tower of London would indeed be a dream come true for any prospective queen of style.



The Cullinan Diamond – A Testament to Rarity and Royalty

The collection, estimated at a staggering 26 million euros, hosts some of the world's most extraordinary gems. The most notable among them is the Cullinan diamond, one of the largest and most renowned diamonds in existence, shining bright in the royal spectacle.

Queen Elizabeth II and Her Iconic Diamond-Studded Crown

The Imperial State Crown, the epitome of majesty, echoes Queen Elizabeth II's sentiment on its overwhelming grandeur. With a weighty assemblage of 2868 diamonds and 273 pearls, it's no wonder the Queen jests about the risk of a neck injury while delivering speeches wearing it.

Affordable Luxury – Your Own Crown Jewels with Valquère

While acquiring the British Crown Jewels is unfortunately not an option, there are other paths towards owning a piece of royal luxury. In 2018, the Farnese Blue diamond, reflecting 300 years of tumultuous European history, set the auction stage alight.

We, at Valquère, deliver the opportunity to own handcrafted diamond jewellery, reminiscent of the crowns worn by queens. Created with love in Antwerp, our lab grown diamonds form the heart of a new kind of luxury - for those who wish to make a statement, affordably.

As you make strides in the world as the queen that you are, let us complement your journey with our exquisite diamond pieces. For the modern queen, luxury is not a privilege, it's a statement - a statement made with Valquère. Contact our experts for extra advice. 
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