As a quintessential part of modern life, online shopping opens up an entire universe of possibilities and convenience. Last year, a study by Comeos revealed that a staggering 50% of Belgians can't do without e-commerce. The charms of Antwerp, the world's diamond city, are now just a click away, and we all stand to benefit. 


Rising Frequency of Online Purchases and its Impact

According to Comeos, approximately 74% of Belgians make regular online purchases. From fashion and travel to electronics, the Belgian public doesn't hesitate in trading their money for luxury goods online, signifying the unwavering trust in the e-commerce sector. Coupled with stringent safety measures, the e-commerce sector is on an upward trajectory.

The Diamond Market's Response to This Digital Revolution

The diamond market is quick to adapt to these significant trends. Digital platforms offering the purchase of position diamonds have made it easier to buy exquisite, high-quality diamonds online. This not only offers the convenience of speed but also brings sector-specific perks like cost efficiency due to the lack of a physical retailer, thus highlighting the shifting paradigm towards a new kind of luxury.

Digital Innovations in the Diamond Industry

The diamond industry's digital presence doesn't stop at online platforms alone. Antwerp introduced the ‘Antwerp loves diamonds’-app in 2015, which guides users through eight intriguing themes about diamonds. Even though this app doesn't facilitate purchases, it lets you conduct comprehensive research for your diamond purchases online, bringing diamonds and knowledge at your fingertips.

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