Unveiling the secrets of jewellery can be as exciting as selecting the ring on the finger of your beloved. One question often arises - what is the most popular engagement ring? The answer can be found in this blog, carefully curated to uncover the nuances of engagement rings, reflecting the essence of Valquère.

Our expertly handcrafted engagement rings from Antwerp, intricately adorned with high-quality lab-grown diamonds, are a testament to a new kind of luxury. Let's delve into the captivating world of these intricately crafted symbols of love.



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Discovering Engagement Ring Styles

Engagement ring styles have evolved over time, yet some styles remain perpetual favourites. Regardless of recent innovations in jewellery design and trending engagement ring styles, the classic diamond engagement ring remains the most popular engagement ring of choice for many. Let's discover the opulence of these styles.


Standing the test of time, a solitaire engagement ring is a classic masterpiece. Beautifully handcrafted, a solitaire ring becomes an embodiment of personal service and luxury by pairing a refined band with a shimmering diamond. The ring's look pivots around the selection of precious metal and the number of prongs securing the diamond.


A trilogy engagement ring presents the story of your love through time - the past, the present, and the future. Its uniqueness resides in the blend of diverse gemstones, offering a vibrant alternative to the traditional diamond ring.


A halo engagement ring is an edgy blend of glamour and elegance, featuring a central stone, usually a round brilliant, encircled by smaller mesmerising stones. This design has allowed for modern variations, including incorporating personal loose diamonds.

Popularity of Engagement Ring Styles

The classic solitaire ring leads the way as the most popular engagement ring, with over half of the rings purchased in recent years. Closely following is the trilogy ring, with the halo ring gaining gradual popularity.

Choosing Your Perfect Engagement Ring

Valquère offers an exquisite range of the most popular engagement ring styles, each beautifully crafted in Antwerp. Our personal service approach ensures that the selected piece uniquely symbolises your love, becoming a statement of new luxury. Possibilities are infinite when choosing the perfect engagement ring online, making the selection process as memorable as the ring itself. Let us be a part of your beautiful journey.

Selecting the perfect engagement ring is a personal journey that beautifully symbolises your love story. Whether it's the classic solitaire, a trilogy, or a lavish halo design, Valquère takes pride in creating handcrafted engagement rings that are not just a symbol of commitment but a statement of timeless luxury.
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