Jewellery trends may wax and wane, but the allure of the diamond statement necklace remains unwavering - always en vogue and a coveted piece for every jewellery connoisseur. Larger in size, these splendid creations are catches that light up every room. Choosing Valquère's lab grown diamond statement necklace is not just about wearing a piece of jewellery; it's about making a statement of a new kind of luxury.


The Perfect Wedding Day Companion

Undecided on what to pair with your wedding attire? Consider an eye-catching diamond statement necklace from Valquère, accompanying a minimalist wedding dress. The result? An epitome of chic elegance, prepared to walk down the aisle.

Focusing the spotlight on your lab grown diamonds—especially when accented with a hint of coloured gemstones—creates irresistible radiance. The bridal look is all about embracing the statement - "More is more", with Valquère. However, balance is key. Keep your wedding dress simple, let other jewellery pieces step back, and allow your diamond statement necklace to occupy centre stage.

Tailored For You by Valquère

At Valquère, we offer a range of handcrafted necklaces, from understated elegance to audacious statement pieces. Further, we ensure personal service, creating the design you envision. Express yourself with the finest lab grown diamonds, meticulously crafted in the diamond capital, Antwerp.

The Valquère Difference

Prices of diamonds continue to surge, but with Valquère, you invest not just in a piece of jewellery, but in superior quality, personal service, and ethical sourcing. Experience the new standard of luxury with Valquère's high-quality lab grown diamond statement necklaces - because with Valquère, every statement made is a promise kept.
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