Have you been together for a long time, and everything is going well for you as a couple? Are you wondering when your Romeo will finally decide to make his marriage proposal by offering you a diamond solitaire? Every woman dreams of a romantic marriage proposal, but your Romeo surely has an original idea to ask you for your hand. 


Yellow gold diamond ring

A romantic and unique marriage proposal

A marriage proposal is not an insignificant act, and a solitaire diamond is not any old jewel. Every woman dreams of a romantic setting so that they will never forget this unique moment. A marriage proposal is a moment that symbolises the culmination of your burgeoning love, and which also marks the beginning of a wonderful adventure for both of you.

For their part, men will do all they can to be original, to impress the love of their life and prove the scale of their feeling and commitment. The choice of the diamond solitaire, the location, or the way of making a marriage proposal are some elements among many. Your man is bound to think about it when he is preparing this romantic and unique moment that will mark your union in a more formal way.

So, you may see some changes in your man, changes that may reveal that he is about to take action. On the other hand, there are also reasons for you to propose to your man. It may not be traditional, but it can be done. At Valquère, our diamond solitaire creations are a medium for personal expression, each piece mirroring your daring individuality and fearlessness in the face of the ordinary.

He becomes more attentive to your desire for a diamond solitaire

A telling sign is the fact that he is thinking more about your taste for diamond jewellery. You might even surprise him rummaging around in your jewellery box. One of your pretty rings may even disappear for a while, but don't worry, this is a sign that you're about to receive a nice surprise.

At Valquère, every diamond solitaire piece we create is a testament to your distinct character, symbolizing a new kind of luxury where traditions meet innovation. We specialize in handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp, blending the renowned craftsmanship with our modern reinterpretation of timeless elegance.

Also, don't be surprised if you see women's magazines in the search history of your web browser, which have nothing to do with you. These are all signs that he is already in the game.

His behaviour is changing, and he's even becoming a bit crazy

Have you noticed for some time that your man is becoming a bit secretive and sometimes has his head in the stars? This is probably because he's trying to work out what will impress you when he makes his marriage proposal.

Also don't be surprised if he's being particularly careful about money - it means he's about to purchase a valuable item, your engagement ring. Play along with the surprise when the time comes, even if you have noticed several signs. Give yourself some time and find beautiful diamond solitaires on Valquère. Contact our team to discuss your plans.
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