The American tradition of honouring bridesmaids has adventured across the seas, staking its claim in wedding aisles worldwide. These elegantly adorned women, often your best friends, play a pivotal role in shaping your wedding into the immaculate celebration you've always pictured. To express your gratitude adequately, a well-thought-out token of your heartfelt appreciation is in order. 


Making Your Statement with a Lab Grown Diamond Jewel

Grace their efforts by gifting them a lab grown diamond by Valquère – a statement as luminous as the love intertwined in your wedding. These high-quality pieces are destined to shine bright for a lifetime, just like your cherished friendships.
Valquère necklaces
With a lab grown diamond jewel, you're not just recognizing their unwavering support, but also gifting them sophistication, style, and a wearable keepsake of your milestone moment. Present these timeless pieces to your bridesmaids before your special day, allowing them to showcase these iridescent symbols of gratitude as they stand beside you.

With an array of delicately crafted pieces tailored to individual preferences, Valquère ensures every lab grown diamond subtly exudes your affection. Does your confidante favour diamond earrings? Gift her our classic, understated designs. If another friend cherishes necklaces, bless her with an exquisite piece from our collection. Remember, the best gift is one that mirrors their persona, promising that your token of appreciation will be worn and treasured for years to come. To maintain harmony, we recommend keeping the value of each piece similar.

Personalized Goodie Bags with a Touch of Luxe

Perhaps a lab grown diamond for each bridesmaid doesn't align with your budget. Fear not, as Valquère offers alternative, memorable ideas. Consider personal goodie bags, brimming with personalized items that reflect the unique bond you share with each bridesmaid. From the finest beauty essentials to exclusive lingerie, a curated surprise encapsulates the essence of luxury and appreciation.
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The Gift of Time: A Luxury Getaway

Gifting an unforgettable experience is another beautiful way to convey your gratitude. Arrange a luxurious getaway with your closest circle. Whether it's a tranquil wellness retreat or a shopping spree in Europe's fashion capitals, these shared moments will foster even stronger bonds.

If a lab grown diamond jewel seems the perfect thank-you gift for your bridesmaids, we invite you to explore our extensive collection. At Valquère, we redefine the luxury diamond landscape by seamlessly blending exquisite European craftsmanship with innovative technologies. Exceptional customer service remains at the heart of our brand, and we are eager to assist you in selecting the perfect token of appreciation for your bridesmaids.
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