Today's interconnected world brings a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips, including all you need to know about diamonds, a symbol of our brand’s unparalleled statement jewellery style. But amid this sea of information, discerning the accurate and useful can be a challenge.

Ergo, we have meticulously curated a selection of inspirational blogs that shed a new light on diamonds' world, diamond jewellery, diamond news and crucially, comprehensive guides on buying diamonds the Valquère way: With confidence and a keen eye for quality.


Beyond the 4Cs

Go "Beyond 4Cs" and explore tips on how to buy a diamond that meets Valquère's high standards without feeling overcharged. This blog, quite similar to our brand’s ethos, offers this guide complementary. Discover in-depth knowledge on diamond grading, various diamond shapes and jewellery care, a reflection of our personal service and dedication to our customers.

The Jewelry Loupe

Embrace the world of diamonds through the news articles provided by "The Jewelry Loupe". Although it leans more towards jewellery making than diamond buying, it offers an encompassing perspective on the trade, the hallmark of our handcrafted Antwerp jewellery.

The Diamond Portal

"The Diamond Portal" serves as an extensive information source, covering everything from diamond businesses, diamond exchanges, and organisations to strategies for success in the diamond industry – whether selling or buying diamonds.

Geology In

Gain profound insights into the fascinating realm of diamonds and minerals with "Geology In". As it delves deep into the geology of diamonds, this blog illuminates the beauty and complexity of the elements that give birth to our high-quality lab-grown diamonds.

GIA’s 4 Cs blog

No diamond blog list would be complete without the educational and detailed "GIA’s 4Cs". It simplifies the diamond grading system and the 4Cs, an essential knowledge for any aspiring diamond buyer.

While we have several other blogs offering insightful content, these five provide a comprehensive overview of how to buy a diamond and understanding their inherent value from various perspectives.

At Valquère, our knowledgeable team is always prepared to answer your diamond-related inquiries, whether for investment purposes or our handcrafted diamond jewellery. Reach out through any of our channels and receive a detailed response from one of our dedicated team members, embodying our commitment to personal service.
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