A marriage proposal is an immensely personal and pivotal event. The ambiance, the timing, and crucially, the ring, together weave the magic of this unforgettable moment.  


Yellow gold diamond engagement ring

Why Settle for Less than Perfect?

A British insurance firm survey reveals that nearly 15% of married women are discontent with their engagement ring. Even more stirring, one in three women could potentially decline a proposal if the ring falls short of expectations. This underscores the importance of making an informed choice - sidestep the wrong engagement ring and pave the way for a captivating proposal. Here are our handpicked tips, imbued with Valquère's ethos of luxury and attention to detail:

Choosing the Engagement Ring: A Shared Journey

Our belief is that selecting the engagement ring together might not be conventionally romantic, but it's an effective way to land the right one. After all, the ring is an embodiment of your unique love story - why not shape its narrative together? Women often harbour specific visions of their ideal engagement ring. Choosing the perfect handcrafted piece together could be a savvy move for lifetime happiness.

Invest in Your Love Story with Valquère

Traditionally, men spent approximately three net salaries on an engagement ring. While your chosen ring needn't command the value of a flashy car, it should be a standout symbol of your commitment. This isn't about ostentation; it's a testament to your lifetime pledge. Choosing a lab-grown diamond ring from Antwerp, the heart of quality diamond craftsmanship, is often a fitting choice. Its majestic allure is in a league of its own.

Opt for a Timeless Statement

An engagement ring, designed to be worn daily, should harmoniously complement an array of styles, from elegant evening gowns to casual ensembles. A classic design is often the surest bet to avoid erring with your engagement ring choice. Of course, if she favours a more extravagant look, a statement piece could be just right. Either way, a tasteful diamond ring from Valquère ensures a touch of lux and enduring chic.

Draw Inspiration from Her Existing Jewellery Collection

Your engagement ring should always make a statement and stand above the rest. To get an insight into her style preferences, take the time to explore her jewellery collection for inspiration.

The Perfect Fit is Key

A flawless marriage proposal calls for a ring that perfectly adorns her finger. Discreetly discern her ring size by measuring a ring she commonly wears. At Valquère, we're happy to provide you with a ring sizing tool and a uniquely designed mobile application. Should you need assistance, our personal service is only a call, chat, or email away.

Updated Diamond Market Insights: Pocket the Right Ring

In the world of lab-grown diamonds, the latest trend shows an increasing demand and a corresponding price trend. With Valquère, you can be certain of owning a piece that is high quality, ethically sourced, and trending in the current diamond market.

Remember, the choice of your engagement ring is about encapsulating your unique love story. Allow this comprehensive guide to aid you in avoiding the wrong engagement ring and selecting the perfect one instead. Let Valquère handcraft your statement of love with a stunning piece that represents a new kind of luxury.
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