The allure of twinkling diamonds has always been irresistible, and now here at Valquère, we're elevating that charm. Our handcrafted, high-quality lab grown diamonds are not just about luxury but a symbol of a new kind of luxury that caters to modern sensibilities, while supporting sustainable practices. Revel in the contemporary flair of our wedding rings, made to complement the stackable trend that's taking the jewellery world by storm.


Yellow gold diamond wedding ring

The Stackable Trend in the Wedding Realm

The palette of options for brides today is colourful and vast. Traditional wedding rings hold their unique charm, yet there's an undeniable pull towards fashion-forward alternatives. This is where Valquère's unique stackable rings come into play. From Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, to your finger, these rings promise versatility and style. Wear them together, separately or add a new ring to celebrate each joyous anniversary.

How to Stack your Wedding Rings

The beauty of stackable wedding rings from Valquère lies in their harmonious blend of individuality and cohesiveness. You can mix and match different gemstones and metals, creating a vibrant, unique combination that reflects your personal style. Our clients typically enjoy wearing their wedding band first, followed by the engagement ring and then an eternity ring to mark milestones like motherhood or anniversaries.

To Bundle or Not to Bundle Your Wedding Rings

While purchasing your Valquère wedding rings together ensures a continuity of design and style, we believe in the power of personalisation. Each ring can be a unique testament of special life events, so buying them separately could be a more meaningful choice.

Valquère's diverse collection of stackable wedding rings cater to the discerning tastes of modern brides. Whether you're drawn towards our designer pieces or classic designs, our personal service assures a seamless journey. Let us usher you into our world of contemporary elegance, where every statement made is one of luxury. Contact us now.
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