Today's savvy shoppers are increasingly favouring an online marketplace for their statement engagement rings. The ease, comfort, and a diverse variety to choose from, coupled with a secure shopping experience, make it an appealing option. As a symbol of the timeless tradition of handcrafting fine jewellery and a committed proponent of high-quality lab-grown diamonds, Valquère is here to guide you on this special journey.



The Four Essentials – The 4 C's

When you're considering such a significant piece of jewellery, especially when doing so online, it is essential to factor in the 4 C's (carat, clarity, colour, and cut). These intricacies make your diamond stand out. Though the price of your diamond engagement ring can often correlate to its quality, at Valquère, our mission is to provide exceptional quality within budget. Sometimes, it indeed becomes more sensible to opt for a smaller, high-quality diamond than to pursue size alone. What truly matters is the quality and, of course, the statement it makes. We also ensure your selected piece comes with a GIA-quality certificate, adding credibility to your investment.

Safe And Secure Online Purchasing

While online shopping trends continue to soar, safety is a question that rightly remains at the forefront. At Valquère, we take this concern to heart and strive to provide a secure and risk-free online shopping experience. Our 30 days return policy provides an added layer of assurance in case you change your mind or wish to exchange your diamond engagement ring for another captivating, handcrafted piece from Antwerp.

If you are on a quest for a diamond engagement ring imbued with a new kind of luxury to propose to your partner, explore our extensive online collection. We are here not only to offer you a ring but also to provide personal, high-quality service. Should you require any assistance or have any queries about our collection, feel free to reach out to us.
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