Thinking of adding a diamond necklace or ring to your treasure trove of jewels? Then, you'll be intrigued by what lies beneath the sparkling beauty of these precious stones. At Valquère, our dedication to high-quality lab-grown diamonds is unwavering, and our experts, in collaboration with renowned certificate labs like GIA, IGI, and HRD, meticulously analyse every diamond, ensuring that what graces your hand or neck is nothing short of exquisite.



The Transformation from a Diamond in the Rough to a Beacon of Statement Style

Our experts use an array of sophisticated tools, diving deep into the heart of each diamond to check every aspect – from determining if the diamond is natural or synthetic to analysing the 4 C’s that define their worth. Each diamond that ultimately becomes a part of our handcrafted Antwerp jewellery collection goes through this rigorous testing process.

Instruments of Precision and Passion

Starting with the visual spectrophotometer, our experts delve into how a diamond's colour is created. An infrared spectrophotometer enables them to identify the diamond type and discover if any treatments have been administered. X-ray diffractometers and Raman spectrometers are employed to understand the material and structure of the diamond, thus ensuring a unique kind of luxury in every piece of Valquère jewellery.

The process continues with advanced technology such as the LA-ICP mass spectrometer and DiamondView instrument, disclosing the gemstone's chemical composition, and differentiating between natural, synthetic and imitation diamonds. This deep dive allows every Valquère diamond necklace or ring to not only serve as a symbol of luxury but also as a testament to our commitment to quality and authenticity.

The Valquère Assurance

At Valquère, we are relentless in guaranteeing the quality of your diamond necklace or ring. With the powerful combination of advanced technology and expert analysis, along with certifications from GIA, IGI and HRD, we ensure that every piece of jewellery we offer resonates with our brand values.

So, when you choose a Valquère piece, you are choosing more than just a diamond necklace or a ring. You are choosing a symbol of a new kind of luxury - handcrafted and personalised, flawlessly blending the charm of Antwerp’s artisanal jewellery making with the allure of high-quality, lab-grown diamonds.

Choose to make a statement with Valquère - Statement Made, indeed.
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