If you've embarked on a quest for an extraordinary diamond engagement ring, we've curated some intriguing insights just for you. Here are seven aspects of diamond engagement rings, the epitome of the statement style that will not only pique your interest but also illuminate the path of your journey with Valquère.


Solitaire diamond engagement ring

1. What's the typical price of a diamond engagement ring?

Based on recent studies in the United States, the average expenditure for a diamond engagement ring ranges from €2,000 to €2,500, a sum that includes pricing from both brick-and-mortar jewellers and online platforms. At Valquère, we ensure this transaction is more about procuring a symbol of your love that resonates with high-quality craftsmanship and less about just a purchase.

2. Do brides-to-be often purchase their engagement rings?

Traditions may dictate that men shoulder the responsibility of the proposal and the ring, yet an intriguing 20% of women prefer to personally select and pay for their own diamond engagement ring, symbolizing a new kind of luxury.

3. What's the usual spend by men on an engagement ring?

When men decide to make a statement, they go all out. Interestingly, an average spend of €5,500 is noted, which translates to a diamond engagement ring adorned with a 1-carat diamond, vividly portraying Valquère's dedication towards crafting an unforgettable piece.

4. How much does a luxury diamond engagement ring cost?

Luxury is subjective yet captivating. It often takes centre-stage with rings priced above €10,000. Investing this amount into a relationship embodies a 2-carat diamond ring that sparkles with Valquère's promise of unrivalled personal service and commitment.

5. What's the record for the priciest engagement ring?

Celebrity culture dictates a higher price tag not only for the memorable engagement party but also for the ring itself. The record, held by Richard Burton's proposal to Elizabeth Taylor, stands at a staggering €8.5 million.

6. What percentage of women desire a diamond engagement ring?

"Diamonds are a girl's best friend" is a sentiment echoed by 87% of women who believe that nothing can replace a diamond ring. Hence, by selecting a diamond, you're making a choice that's almost universally cherished.

7. Which alloy is the most popular?

While yellow gold dominated the engagement ring scene until the '90s, white gold has usurped its position in recent decades. Currently, white gold features in about 75% of all engagement rings sold and is equally favoured in other types of jewellery.

For a diamond engagement ring that's exquisitely handcrafted and symbolizes a new kind of luxury, reach out to us at Valquère. We're passionate about assisting you in selecting a piece that embodies your love story.
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