Jewellery forms an exquisite part of our personality and Valquère understands this with our finely crafted, lab-grown diamonds. The selection between white gold and yellow gold, particularly when considering eternity rings, has remained a personal preference fueled by both innate taste and dynamic fashion trends. What nuances differentiate our white and yellow gold eternity rings?



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Similitudes and Distinctions within Yellow and White Gold

Unlike yellow gold, white gold is naturally unfound and manufactured from an alloy of gold. The creation of Valquère’s white gold involves an intricate blend of pure gold with palladium and silver. This synergy not only bestows a silvery-white hue but also reinforces the rigidity of the metal. Enhanced with a rhodium coating, our white gold pieces radiate a unique luster and extreme durability.

Navigating Valquère's Yellow and White Gold Eternity Rings

At Valquère, we see eternity rings as more than a continuous line of closely knit diamonds. They are a symbol of unending affection, a commitment mirrored in our handcrafted jewellery designs from Antwerp.

Choosing between yellow and white gold eternity rings is a pursuit of taste and harmony. Your eternity ring could correspond to your engagement ring metal or your wedding band, or it could be purely predicated on personal preference. The ultimate choice is the one that makes your heart flutter.

For white gold eternity rings, a higher diamond colour grade from G-H upwards is advisable, for a lower grade will be noticeably different than when you select a yellow gold eternity ring.

Whether you've already decided on a white gold eternity ring or are deliberating over our collection, Valquère is here to guide you. As purveyors of a new kind of luxury, we aim to assist you in finding the perfect ring that makes a statement.
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