Step into the world of Valquère, where exquisite, handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp meets high-quality, lab-grown diamonds. We combine personal service and expert knowledge with the convenience and affordability of online shopping.


The Assurance of Valquère’s Diamond Expertise

Our experts understand diamonds like no other. Whether you're considering a diamond ring,pendant necklace, alluring earrings, or a gleaming bracelet, our professionals can guide you through the unique characteristics of each piece. The purity, colour, quality, and the precious metals employed are all integral elements we'll detail for you.

Personalized for Your Unique Taste

Not sure which design would make your wife or mother beam with joy? That's where our experts come in. Offering individualized guidance, we assist you in selecting that perfect piece that will touch hearts and magnify moments.

Finding the Perfect Fit

We understand the significance of a flawless fit, especially for diamond rings. Our experts support you in determining the right size—even remotely. You can confidently order our ring sizer to get it right the first time, right from home.

The Guarantee of Authenticity

All our diamonds come with a gemmological certificate, establishing their authenticity and quality. Our professionals clarify each attribute detailed in the certificate, assuring you of your diamond's inherent value.

Visit our Private Showrooms

Experience Valquère’s statement jewellery collections firsthand at our private showrooms. Our experts will take you on an in-depth exploration journey, revealing the distinct features of each piece.

Book an appointment and step into our world of diamonds. From Antwerp to Mumbai, we're ready to welcome you.

At Valquère, we have revolutionized luxury and personal service. We invite you into this new realm, where ‘statement made’ isn’t just our tagline, but our promise to you.
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