Every day is an occasion, and at Valquère, we believe in making each one special with handcrafted, high-quality diamond jewellery. Are you staring at your well-stocked jewellery box, lost in the myriad of possibilities? Or perhaps seeking that statement piece to take your look from plain to extraordinary? Look no further – Valquère offers the perfect blend of exquisite design and meticulous craftsmanship from Antwerp artisans to help you select the appropriate piece for every occasion.


Statement Jewellery for Weddings

Attending a wedding opens up opportunities to go a little extra with your attire. Whether you're donning a monochrome or a vibrant ensemble, it's all about balance. Consider our enchanting emerald ring and matching earrings for a red dress. Sporting a colourful ensemble? Opt for our lab-grown diamond jewellery that brings a serene contrast, elevating your style without overshadowing the bride. Remember, sometimes less is more: understated jewellery can create a lasting impact.

Office-Appropriate Jewellery

While restraint is key in a professional setting, a touch of elegance can go a long way. Our lab-grown diamond necklaces offer the perfect blend of sophistication without being overtly flashy, adding a touch of refined glamour to your business attire. Pair it with our simple diamond studs or a white gold chain featuring a small diamond pendant for a classy contrast with your dark suit or skirt-blouse combination.

Statement Jewellery for Evening Invitations

Evening occasions call for a little more sparkle and Valquère's diamond jewellery proudly answers that call. Enhance your classic black evening dress with our teardrop-shaped diamond earrings, perfectly suiting an elegant updo. Combine it with a matching necklace and bracelet for a complete look that exudes luxury and sophistication. For a more laid-back event, layer on the pieces and shine bright, because at Valquère, the statement made is about a new kind of luxury.

At Valquère, we're committed to helping you choose the perfect piece of luxury jewellery for every occasion, handcrafted to perfection and symbolic of a new era of luxury. With the latest market trends indicating a steady rise in the value of lab-grown diamonds, it's time to enhance your collection with our fine jewellery.
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