Every piece of diamond jewellery from Valquère is more than an accessory; it is a masterpiece with its own unique story. We understand diamonds are not just carbon crystals; they are the embodiment of luxury and style, history and heritage. Our high-quality lab-grown diamonds, from 150 km below the earth's surface, carry centuries of history and symbolize our modern approach to luxury. 


Diamonds: The Royal Preference

Throughout history, diamonds have adorned the regalia of royalty; from pendants and broches to tiaras, they have added splendour to the legacy of European royal houses. The famed KRUPP-diamond, a formidable 33.19 carat gem, transitioned from the wealth of a German industrial family into the hands of the iconic Elizabeth Taylor. An exceptional gift from her fifth husband, Richard Burton, this diamond was ultimately auctioned at Christie's for a staggering $8,818,500. Interestingly, pink diamonds, reminiscent of this era, have gained immense popularity in modern necklaces, especially for marriage proposals.

Preserving Family Traditions with Diamonds

Valquère recognizes the value of crafts that transcend generations. Handcrafted diamond earrings or lockets, traditionally cherished in family collections, serve as symbolic tokens for christenings, or as heirlooms passed on through the lineage. While respecting these traditions, Valquère offers a solution for outdated or impractical jewellery designs by repurposing them into a statement piece that reflects our brand's unique style.

Sealing Love with Diamond Engagement Rings

Every love story is extraordinary and deserves a symbol that reflects its uniqueness. What could better than a meticulously handcrafted diamond ring from Valquère? Our Antwerp artisans ensure that each engagement ring is a testament to love, incorporating personal elements like her favourite flower or colour, shared passions or the place where you first met.

Are you ready to embark on your own diamond story? Contact our diamond experts at Valquère. They are poised to turn your story into a masterpiece.
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