Choosing jewellery from Valquère is not simply about adorning yourself - it is a personal expression of your unique style and personality. Our lab-grown diamonds, handcrafted in Antwerp, are specially curated to complement your physique and the contours of your face, as well as harmonize with your hairstyle. This style guide will help you navigate through the selection process, ensuring your chosen pieces are not just accessories, but statements of a new kind of luxury.  


Jewellery That Enhances Your Style and Personality

The colour palette of your wardrobe, the vibe you want to project, the demand of specific occasions like weddings, and even the general tone of your everyday lifestyle – all these factors can shape what kinds of jewellery best celebrate your individuality. If you are inclined towards classic outfits, or perhaps modern and trendy ones, our diamond jewellery can underline your style statement.

A Classic Stance

You can never go wrong with the classics. Valquère’s timeless pieces are embedded with high-quality lab grown diamonds, offering a subtle elegance ready to enhance any outfit. Whether it is a simple diamond pendant for your office attire, or a stunning diamond earring to elevate your party look, our jewellery can seamlessly transition with your wardrobe changes.

Echoing Playfulness

For those who fancy colourful patterns and playful designs, our collections cater to such playful aesthetics as well. However, remember the rule of balance – if your outfit is busy with prints, keep your jewellery simple.

An Aura of Elegance

If your wardrobe leans towards the sophisticated side, our elegant diamond jewellery can add a touch of sparkle to your ensemble. Valquère’s pieces are designed not to overshadow, but instead, enhance your presence. For those seeking subtlety, we offer white/colourless diamonds that offer a sophisticated allure with a subdued sparkle.

A Splash of Colours

For the colourful souls, our range of coloured diamonds and precious stones offer myriad possibilities to orchestrate a vibrant symphony with your wardrobe. You can play around with different coloured precious metals like yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum to match your bold and colourful outfits.

Minimalistic Approach

For a minimalist style, Valquère offers a range of sleek, fuss-free designs that maintain a powerful presence. Achieve the perfect balance of elegance and simplicity with our new collections, featuring round, eternity jewellery or square pieces with floating diamonds.

Choosing the Right Precious Metal

Your skin tone can guide you in selecting the right precious metal for your jewellery. A combination of white gold, and platinum works best for cool skin tones, while yellow gold or red gold complements warm undertones. A style consultant can perform a colour analysis to find out which precious metals will flatter your skin tone the most.

Which Rings Suit You?

Valquère’s range of exquisite diamond rings can cater to your various styles. Whether you prefer a simple alliance ring or a striking cocktail ring, our collections offer you an array of choices. Valquère’s entourage ring presents a perfect balance between elegance and statement-making.

Mix & Match Diamond Jewellery

Valquère encourages the mix and match of diamond jewellery. Our stackable ring collection gives you the freedom to create different looks each day, while different lengths of necklaces can be paired together for a unique look.

Choosing the Right Jewellery for Each Occasion

Different occasions call for different pieces. From daily wear to office settings, and from evening dances to weddings, our diamond jewellery collections have been designed to suit all kinds of requirements.

Making Your Statement with Valquère's Diamond Jewellery

This style guide serves as a compass, guiding you to choose diamond jewellery pieces that not only match your style, but also make a powerful statement about who you are. Embrace the new kind of luxury with Valquère’s high-quality, lab-grown diamonds handcrafted in Antwerp and remember, the statement you make is truly unique to you.
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