How is self-purchasing diamond jewellery revolutionising the global market? 

In recent times, the global market for jewellery has experienced notable fluctuations. However, an emerging trend—self-purchasing—is significantly bolstering the growth of diamonds and jewellery. Increasingly, people are indulging in the purchase of diamonds and jewellery for themselves, emerging as a potent force in the luxury industry. 


The Effect of Self-Purchasing on the Global Market

Today, a significant one-third of all US sales are attributed to acts of self-purchasing. This consumer behaviour is creating a positive ripple effect in the market, unlocking a broader demographic of potential buyers. According to a 2018 survey by MVI Marketing, 51% of the 1001 women respondents regularly indulged in self-purchasing of diamonds and jewellery. Though this only represents a sample, it is indicative of the changing consumer demographics in the luxury market.

The New Luxury: Self-Purchasing Diamonds

So, who are these self-purchasing individuals and why do they buy diamonds or jewellery for themselves? Primarily, they are economically strong, independent women, aged 25 to 45, who no longer wait for someone else to fulfil their desires. The primary reasons for self-purchasing are: the freedom to choose exactly what they like, the ability to afford it, and celebrating personal or professional milestones. Self-purchasing has become a testament to their independence and confidence, further, it's culturally accepted and is reshaping the global market.

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