The allure of jewellery is timeless, going back to the days when we adorned ourselves with shells and bones. Today, this fascination lives on through the prism of Valquère, a purveyor of statement jewellery handcrafted in Antwerp with lab-grown diamonds of unrivalled quality. Our pieces are more than mere adornments; they are narratives of luxury, personal stories etched into the sparkle of our diamonds, offering a new definition of opulence.


Unraveling the Mystery: Why Do We Adorn Ourselves?

Abraham Maslow's theory of hierarchy published in 1943 gives a psychological understanding of our affinity towards jewellery. According to Maslow, our social needs drive us towards the purchase and wearing of jewellery, symbolising our desire to express love, friendship, or our connection to a particular group. At Valquère, we understand and amplify this concept through our commitment to personal service, helping you find or create jewellery that resonates with your identity.

Jewellery and Self-Realisation

As we move higher up Maslow's hierarchy, we encounter the need for recognition and appreciation—a need that remains relentlessly relevant even decades later. In today's social media-centric reality, personal style, including choice of jewellery, is a part of this self-realisation process. Valquère's statement pieces allow individuals to underscore their unique style and personality, redefining luxury in the process.

Society's Influence on How We Wear Jewellery

Historically, jewellery was the reserve of the affluent, a symbol of wealth and prestige. Over time, societal norms have evolved, and so has the world of jewellery. From being a predominantly feminine affair, jewellery has expanded its horizons, with pieces like diamond rings radiating masculinity. As market trends shift, Valquère continually refines its designs to align with contemporary preferences, while retaining the timeless allure of diamonds.

At Valquère, we ask, "Why do you love wearing jewellery? What is your favourite piece?" We invite you to explore our extensive online collection, each piece echoing our core values of quality, personal service, and a commitment to creating unique statement pieces. Remember, in our world, every statement made is a unique journey of style and luxury. Allow yourself to be inspired by Valquère’s extensive online collection for the purchase of your jewellery or contact our experts.
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