Embrace a new kind of luxury where modernity meets tradition, brought to life by Valquère. We cater to the digitally native, Smart Luxury Consumer, who understands the harmony between fine innovation and ageless tradition. Guiding you on your journey of self-reward or non-traditional gifting, we're the go-to brand to make your 'statement made' with our luxurious handcrafted engagement rings. 


Red gold emerald cut diamond engagement ring

Luxury Lab-Grown Diamonds: The Future of Engagement Rings

Valquère's high-quality lab-grown diamonds are the epitome of luxury, preserving tradition without compromising on our commitment to sustainability, ethics, and new technologies. Offering cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness, and controlled consistency, our lab-grown diamonds allow you to upgrade size or enhance your personal jewelry collection within a similar budget.

Investing in an Engagement Ring: The Price You Pay for Excellence

Our engagement rings, a testament to our craftsmanship, are designed with larger diamonds focusing on quality FVS1 and EVVS2 ratings. We also newly feature vibrant colored diamonds like pink and blue, beginning certification from 1.00 ct with a spotlight on fancy shapes like oval and emerald cuts. As the market trends lean towards increased diamond prices, choosing Valquère's lab-grown diamonds ensures you're investing in excellence.

The Distinctive Signature of Valquère's Craftsmanship

Our Antwerp handcrafted jewelry embodies the 'statement made' ethos, mirroring a person's distinct character. Each piece is a modern reinterpretation of timeless elegance. Perfect for special occasions, our engagement rings are designed to be extravagant, unique, and bold.

Matching Her Star Sign: The Personal Touch of Valquère’s Service

Personal service is intertwined in the heart of Valquère. Match her star sign with our engagement rings, adding a unique, personalized element to your journey of expressing commitment. With our handcrafted jewelry, find the perfect symbol of your love that aligns with her

 star sign, creating a new tradition in luxury. For example, cancer women are rather sensitive and romantic, which is why they will love a simpler but equally beautiful engagement ring. For their part, Leos will appreciate more extravagant engagement rings because of their strong temperament.

Need help choosing an engagement ring? Contact our experts now who will help you to find the model best suited to your needs.
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