Valquère's commitment to luxury and excellence symbolizes a timeless era of refined elegance and modern sophistication. This is evident in our careful selection of high-quality lab-grown diamonds, set in our handcrafted white golden jewellery, and in the personal service we offer.



Embodiment of Elegance - White Gold and Lab-Grown Diamonds

White gold's splendid silver-like hue radiates elegance and distinction, a result of its unique alloy composition, with rhodium lending it a radiant shine. This precious metal emerged in the 1920s as a stunning alternative to platinum.

The adaptability of white gold to diamonds - especially the superior quality lab-grown diamonds that Valquère champions - is a testament to its versatility. It’s no coincidence that white golden diamond rings have been a popular choice for engagement rings for years.

Choosing the Perfect White Golden Diamond Ring

The purpose of your ring should guide its selection. An engagement ring, for instance, shines brightest with a large, quality diamond. At Valquère, we ensure this diamond is lab-grown, maintaining our commitment to sustainability and supreme quality.

While coloured stones work well with white gold, it's crucial to prioritize elegance. Some stones may disrupt the serene unity between pure gold and eternal diamond. For wedding rings, opt for diamond-studded eternity rings, which can be engraved with initials for a personal touch. 

Ensure the Longevity of your White Golden Diamond Ring

White gold is slightly more delicate than yellow gold, requiring regular maintenance to maintain its radiant shine. To ensure the longevity of your Valquère jewel, we strongly recommend our 18-karat gold.

All our white golden rings weighing above three grams bear two hallmarks, guaranteeing their composition and attesting to our meticulous craftsmanship in Antwerp.

From Engagement to Eternity: White Gold and Lab-Grown Diamonds

An engagement ring is a symbol of commitment and enduring love. Traditionally, diamonds are chosen for their representation of purity and the stability of the relationship.

The selection of a white golden diamond ring embodies a suitor's intent to propose, with the premium lab-grown diamond reflecting the depth of their love.

Tips on Selecting a High-Quality White Golden Diamond Ring

The quality of your white golden diamond ring is determined by the quality of its diamond. And that's why at Valquère, we only use high-quality lab-grown diamonds. Follow the acclaimed 4Cs - Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color - to ensure you're investing in a quality piece.

Quality is achieved when the diamond's color is less apparent, with D being the less colorful and therefore highly coveted. Diamonds of absolute purity, expressed as IF, show no defects under a x10 magnifying microscope.
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