In the dynamic world of fashion, earrings are no longer just a women's adornment - from ancient civilizations to modern times, earrings for men have carved their own unique space. Try a pair from Valquère's exceptional range, showcasing the finest lab grown diamonds and Antwerp's handcrafted jewelry traditions.




Stud earrings

Unearthing the Historical Significance of Earrings for Men

Long before our time, the Minoans wore gold earrings, signifying the status of the upper class. Such traditions continue to influence modern styles, with earrings symbolizing a new luxury. While the symbolism changes across cultures - with some attributing religious context - today, men worldwide don earrings, with or without the brilliance of diamonds.

Which Earrings are Perfect for Today's Man?

Subtle studs in muted shades are a common choice for men's earrings. However, at Valquère, we believe in embracing bolder styles. Opt for a statement earring, like a short pendant with a unique design, to truly stand out. The trend of asymmetric earrings is also gaining popularity, combining a discreet stud in one ear with a distinctive pendant in the other. Silver or black options remain favourites, but don't shy away from exploring yellow gold,platinum, or even red gold.

Find Your Ideal Style with Valquère

Ready to step up your style game with the perfect pair of earrings for men? Browse through Valquère's extensive collection and discover our lab grown diamond earrings that speak volumes. For a more personal service, book an appointment in our showroom and marvel at our handcrafted jewels in person.
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