The modern woman of today cherishes groundbreaking trends and extraordinary design elements. In an innovation-driven world where individual styles flourish, selecting the perfect engagement ring requires an intricate balance of fashion-forward designs and timeless elegance. Why settle for ordinary when you can embody the essence of Valquère?

At Valquère, we offer an extensive collection of high-quality, lab-grown diamond engagement rings, each piece lovingly crafted in Antwerp, the world's diamond capital. Our engagement rings carry forth our commitment to personal service and keen attention to design quality, encapsulating our tagline, 'Statement made'


The Reimagined Trilogy Engagement Rings

The trilogy engagement ring, a timeless classic, has been elegantly re-imagined at Valquère. Our versions boast three lab-grown diamonds, meticulously selected for their brilliance and quality. You can now customize these pieces with a central stone of your choice - perhaps a pink or blue diamond. This personal detail gives the ring a modern, statement-making edge, perfect for the modern woman.

Art Deco Influence: A Nod to the Past

Art Deco's geometric aesthetics have made an indelible impact on contemporary jewellery designs. It's no surprise that these pieces, with their exquisite-coloured diamonds or gems, continue to captivate modern women with their blend of vintage allure and timeless sophistication. Unable to find an Art Deco inspired design that speaks to you? No worries. We're here to help you create a tailor-made piece that encapsulates your unique style.

Red Gold Engagement Rings: A Modern Take on Vintage

Red gold has found its way into the world of engagement rings, adding a vintage touch to these iconic symbols of love. Echoing the warm tones of red gold, our craftsmen in Antwerp have transformed traditional solitaire rings into statement pieces, without compromising their vintage elegance.

At Valquère, our handcrafted, Antwerp-sourced engagement rings not only radiate quality, but they also showcase the style and essence of the modern woman. Explore our comprehensive collection today and make your statement with Valquère.
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