The glittering grandeur of the cocktail ring is experiencing a resurgence. After a period of understated designs and stacking trends, this pinnacle of luxurious and extravagant jewellery is back in the spotlight. Imbued with Valquère's ethos of new luxury, statement style and handcrafted excellence, let us trace its evolution over the past two decades and position it in today's fashion landscape. A realm where potency interlaces with finesse, and audacity intertwines with the feminine charm.


White gold cocktail ring Valquère

From the Power Ring to the Statement Ring

Cocktail rings- a symbol of independence and personal style.

In the 1990s, the cocktail ring was an emblem of power, worn on the right hand to symbolize women's autonomy. This extravagant ring was testament to their love for creativity, fashion, and a unique sense of individuality. The cocktail ring of that era was replete with colour, boldness and a dramatic flair.

The cocktail ring origins trace back to the 1920s during America’s prohibition era. Despite the ban on alcoholic beverages, illegal parties blossomed, giving rise to cocktail parties. Much like the women of today, they celebrated their freedom in a myriad of ways, including their distinctive style. Cocktail rings echoed their burgeoning freedom and prosperity.

The Cocktail Ring Resurgence: A Modern Elegance

In the current fashion world, characterized by an explosion of styles and colours, cocktail rings have made a triumphant return. But today’s cocktail ring, symbolising our high-quality lab-grown diamonds from Antwerp, is a refined translation of its earlier versions. Effortlessly blending boldness with subtlety, the modern cocktail ring, notably features a single precious coloured stone taking centre stage.

A statement cocktail ring, much like the timeless little black dress, is a must-have in any wardrobe. With Valquère, it's not just a piece of jewellery, it's a statement made. Are you seeking a stunning cocktail ring for the upcoming holiday season? Explore Valquère’s exquisite selection of both designer and classic cocktail rings.

Embrace a New Kind of Luxury with Valquère

The cocktail ring has evolved from a power symbol to a statement of a new kind of luxury. Valquère invites you to experience this evolution firsthand through our artisan handcrafted cocktail rings, echoing Antwerp's rich diamond legacy and our commitment to personal service and high-quality lab-grown diamonds.
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