Diamonds have always captivated humanity with their timeless charm. There's something extraordinary about their sparkle, perhaps it's embedded in our DNA to appreciate their allure. Some diamonds have left such a significant mark, they’ve etched their way into history. Valquère's statement jewellery echoes the stories of these world-renowned diamonds, intricately handcrafted in Antwerp and offering a unique, luxurious style.



Diamond pendant

Our Lab-Grown Gems: The Amsterdam Diamond

The Amsterdam diamond is a one-of-a-kind black diamond boasting 33.74 carats, hailing from South Africa. Its original rough form was a 55.74-carat stone, cut masterfully into a pear-shaped diamond. This delicate process resulted in a piece of expressive beauty, first presented to the public in a stunning diamond pendant in 1973. Just like Valquère, the 'Amsterdam Diamond' serves as a symbol of luxury, personal service, and commitment to quality.

Tiffany Diamond: A Symbol of Craftsmanship

The Tiffany diamond — a striking yellow diamond, is amongst the largest known diamonds worldwide. Known for its exceptional craftsmanship, it mirrors Valquère's dedication to delivering high-quality lab-grown diamonds. The Tiffany diamond's tale includes only two women wearing it in its lifetime, one being the iconic Audrey Hepburn. Today, we offer you the chance to own a similarly enchanting piece with our range of diamond pendants.

Exuding Royal Elegance: The Koh-i-Noor

Valquère's statement made ethos is best exemplified by the Koh-i-Noor, a 109-carat diamond that forms part of the British royal crown. Its lineage traces back to the 13th century in India, symbolizing a new kind of luxury in our handcrafted jewellery, reminiscent of regal elegance.

The Story of the Hope Diamond

The Hope diamond stands out with its unique blue hue, and a history as intriguing as its shade. Once owned by Louis XIV, it is now showcased as an exquisite diamond pendant at the Smithsonian Institute. Similarly, Valquère infuses each piece with a tale, making our handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp not just an accessory, but a statement.

Eureka: The Discovery that Sparked a Rush

The Eureka diamond set off the massive Diamond Rush in South Africa, a history etched into every diamond piece at Valquère. As we continue this legacy, we invite you to experience our personal service and selection of high-quality lab-grown diamonds.

If these tales inspire you to invest in a dazzling diamond pendant, Valquère, with its Antwerp-crafted, high-quality, lab-grown diamonds, is at your service. Remember, every purchase is a 'Statement Made.'
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