Harnessing the allure of history and blending it with unrivalled sophistication, Valquère's emerald cut rings have become a beacon of new luxury. Even as they sparkle less than round brilliants, their vintage charm, exceptional clarity, and elegant aesthetics heightens their appeal, making them a favoured choice among connoisseurs of fashion and discerning celebrities alike. But what makes these emerald cut diamond rings a symbol of Valquère's high quality lab-grown diamonds? Let's delve into their distinctive features.



Emerald cut diamond ring

Decoding The Enchantment Of Valquère's Emerald Cut Rings

Valquère's emerald cut diamond rings charm with their rectangular shape, featuring distinctive cropped corners and broad, staircase-like facets. These handcrafted masterpieces from Antwerp demand superior purity in their diamonds. While they might not shimmer as brightly as other shapes, their unique vintage appeal and subtle sophistication embody a different kind of luxury, one that stands out in the statement jewellery arena.

Emerald Cut Rings - A Journey Of Elegance Through The Ages

Valquère's emerald cut diamonds have evolved over the years. Once used merely for cutting emeralds (earning them their name), diamond cutters quickly realized the potential of this cutting style to harness a diamond's brilliance. During the Art Deco period, emerald cuts gained widespread popularity, their geometric allure echoing the era’s sensibilities. Modern cutting techniques have now minimized impurities, enhancing the clarity of these diamonds, allowing them to rival the brilliance of popular cuts.

As global diamond market trends shift towards sustainable and ethical sourcing, Valquère's lab-grown diamonds offer both exceptional quality and peace of mind. Our emerald cut rings represent the perfect blend of old-world heritage and modern aesthetic.

Seeking a remarkable ring that resonates with history and personal service? Explore Valquère's comprehensive collection of diamond rings. For further assistance or enquiries about our offerings, don't hesitate to reach out to us.
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