The first thing that likely captures your attention when browsing through Valquère's statement jewellery collection is the astonishing sparkle of our diamonds. Our exquisite diamonds, handcrafted in Antwerp, impart a radiant glow that makes both you and your jewellery unquestionably stand out. The question then arises - how clear does my diamond have to be? And how does this clarity influence the diamond price?  


Deciphering Diamond Clarity - How Clear Is Clear Enough?

Determining the clarity grade of a diamond is a nuanced endeavor that primarily revolves around identifying minute inclusions, akin to birthmarks in the stone. However, these minuscule inclusions do not detract from the diamond's brilliance. To secure a crystal-clear understanding of the diamond clarity and ensure a fair price, always check the certificate accompanying your diamond.

Consider this certificate as a token of authenticity and assurance of the quality of your Valquère diamond. It might be populated with abbreviations, don't worry - we are here to elucidate them for you.

Decoding The Diamond Certificate

A flawless diamond is denoted by the abbreviation IF, implying 'Internally Flawless'. Diamonds of this caliber are incredibly rare and this rarity is reflected in the price. For exceptional value, opt for diamonds labelled with the clarity VS2 (Very Small Inclusions) or SI1 (Small Inclusions). These inclusions are almost invisible to the naked eye but significantly impact the diamond price.

The quality of the cut significantly influences the price, with the final look and sparkle of the diamond determined during this cutting process. The quality of the cut ranges from ‘poor’ to ‘excellent’.

Who Sets The Diamond Standard?

Diamond pricing isn't solely dictated by clarity. Your diamond's certificate provides critical information about the diamond's 4Cs. These aspects are thoroughly checked in accredited laboratories, such as GIA, prior to placing the diamond for sale. If you want the epitome of quality combined with the best price for your diamond, always look for knowledgeable guidance.

Reach out to Valquère's diamond experts for any further information or support. Thanks to our direct-to-consumer business model, our diamond prices tend to be 30% to 50% more affordable. At Valquère, you get to choose from the finest collections of high-quality lab grown diamonds, a nuanced blend of personal service and statement jewellery style - symbolizing a new kind of luxury.
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