Introducing the eternal debate — timeless engagement rings vs trendy engagement rings. Adorned with high quality lab-grown diamonds, each one is a stunning testament to your love story. But how do you choose? The perfect ring must mirror the unique style of your significant other, after all, they will be wearing this handcrafted piece of jewellery every day. Whether timeless design or trendy flair is more their taste, rest assured, at Valquère, there's a statement-making ring for everyone.



Yellow gold engagement ring

Timeless Engagement Rings: Elegance that Never Fades

A timeless engagement ring, like a solitaire diamond piece, with its understated elegance, complements any attire. The handpicked diamond in such pieces is often a showstopper - the larger it is, the more impressive. View it as an investment of sorts; diamond prices continue to rise, as they maintain their allure. Another quintessential timeless engagement ring is the globally acclaimed Lady Di ring studded with a magnificent sapphire encircled by dazzling diamonds.

Trendy Engagement Rings: Embracing the Extravagant

Alternatively, if your loved one favours the elaborate, a trendy engagement ring could be the way to go. Challenge conventions and select something extraordinary to truly amaze them. Currently, coloured diamonds and precious gems are setting the style agenda. Unusual shapes are also gaining appeal, with butterfly themes and heart-cut diamonds especially popular at present.

At Valquère, we offer personal service to guide you in your quest for the ideal engagement ring. Our Antwerp-crafted jewellery broadens the definition of luxury and is sure to make a statement. Reach out to our experts today.

Final Remarks - Bridging the Gap: Timeless vs Trendy Engagement Rings

As the dynamics of the diamond market continue to evolve, our dedication to providing you with high-quality, lab-grown diamonds remains constant. Whether you decide on a timeless engagement ring or a trendy one, remember that at Valquère, you are always making a statement.
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