Jewellery, particularly diamond engagement rings, has etched its mark in ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece, and Rome. These adornments were more than just accessories; they were symbols of power, wealth, and even protection. The tradition of a diamond engagement ring has a tale to tell. Allow us to take you back in time to explore this exciting journey.



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Expert Craftsmanship: A Jeweller's Tale

Before we commence our time travel, let's look into the realm of jewellery making. When discussing 'gold smith' or 'silver smith', people often mistake the titles for the materials used in smithing. In reality, these terms indicate the products they create. A jeweller's craft, like the timeless diamond engagement ring, has a history as old as humanity. Over the centuries, the significance, purpose, and techniques for creating jewellery have evolved.

Egypt's Love for Jewellery

In ancient Egypt, jewellery was universally adorned without the confines of status or wealth. Beyond mere ornamentation, jewels were also used for trade, military decorations, and diplomatic gifts. Most importantly, they were amulets used to deflect evil and attract divine protection.

Ancient Greece's Influence on Jewellery

Fast forward to 1400 B.C.E. in ancient Greece, and we see gold, diamonds, and other gemstones becoming a significant part of jewellery. These pieces, especially diamond engagement rings, were used to flaunt power and wealth during public events. The term 'diamond' originated from the ancient Greek word 'adamao,' meaning 'I tame' or 'I undergo,' perfectly symbolizing the luxury and strength of a diamond.

Roman Jewellery Traditions: The Dawn of Diamond Engagement Rings

Roman jewellery drew inspiration from Greek designs but was heavier and more luxurious. Moreover, it is believed that the tradition of gifting a diamond engagement ring came from ancient Rome. A Roman man would propose to his lady love with a key-shaped ring, symbolizing his commitment to sharing his heart and worldly possessions.

Jewellery in the Middle Ages: A Significant Milestone

The Middle Ages were a crucial era for the art of jewellery crafting. The period saw professions like jewellery smithing being regulated and the increasing popularity of diamonds for their perceived healing properties. Around this period, the tradition of a diamond engagement ring revived and became popular.

The Birth of the Diamond Engagement Ring Tradition

In 1477, Mary of Burgundy was the first woman to sport a diamond engagement ring. This moment in history sparked a trend among the higher social classes. It wasn't until the discovery of diamond mines in Africa in 1870 that the tradition became more common among all classes.

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