In recent years, the art of jewellery mixology has swirled into the limelight, with style enthusiasts courageously experimenting with diverse metals and designs. One emerging trend taking the wedding scene by storm is the unique blend of time-honoured heirlooms and gleaming new platinum jewellery. With Valquère, this audacious fashion statement symbolizes a new kind of luxury, merging the past with the present on your special day.


A Wedding Tradition Reinvented: Combining Heirlooms with Platinum Jewellery

The old adage "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" sets the stage for this transformative tradition. Heirlooms, steeped in the stories and history of your lineage, serve as the perfect 'something old'. Valquère helps you intertwine this tradition with 'something new' - our handcrafted platinum jewellery - adding a layer of contemporary glamour to your wedding ensemble.

Enhancing Your Statement: Focusing on Key Features

When fusing heirlooms with modern platinum jewellery, the key is to highlight specific aspects of your attire. For instance, if your wedding gown features a high neck, then drawing attention to your hands or ears can strike the perfect balance. If you've inherited a ring, pair it with an exquisitely crafted platinum bracelet or earrings from Valquère's Antwerp collection. Suppose your heirloom is a necklace? No problem, our dazzling diamond-platinum earrings make the perfect companion to it. Embrace your creativity and make the most of the endless possibilities this fusion offers.

Investing in Forever: Opting for High-End Jewellery

Choosing the right wedding jewellery isn't merely a style statement; it's an investment in lifelong memories— a legacy you'll pass on to future generations. That's why Valquère emphasizes high-quality, lab-grown diamonds in our gold and platinum jewellery, ensuring durability, authenticity, and a touch of timeless elegance. This harmonizes perfectly with your cherished heirlooms, carving a pathway from the past into a gleaming future.

Ready to make a statement with Valquère and adorn your wedding day with our meticulously handcrafted platinum jewellery? Explore our Antwerp-inspired collection and find the perfect match for your heirlooms, weaving a tale of love and luxury that will last for generations to come.
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