The gold necklace is not just an accessory, it's a statement piece that craves to be worn by you. This is the embodiment of Valquère'sethos: high quality, lab grown diamonds elegantly embedded into handcrafted jewellery – a new kind of luxury. Each gold necklace is an intricate masterpiece from Antwerp, designed to effortlessly compliment your appearance.


Yellow gold necklace

The Gold Necklace - Tailored To Your Outfit

Ever wondered how a gold necklace can enhance your outfit? It is an art, indeed. If you are wearing a blouse or a dress with a V-neck, a gold necklace is your best companion. Its length should be perfect, nestling subtly within the V. Using a small piece of string, measuring around your neck, is a nifty trick to decide the necklace's ideal length. For a boat neck or turtleneck, a long, gold necklace bedecked with a diamond pendant is the perfect choice.

The Necklace - Amplifying Your Body's Appeal

Choosing the ideal gold necklace goes beyond the outfit. Your stature and body shape play pivotal roles. For those petite in stature, a shorter chain accentuates your form without drawing attention to your height. A thin, white gold diamond necklace can lend an exquisite shape to a smaller chest. Paired with a set of diamond earrings handcrafted from Antwerp, this combination is sure to turn heads in admiration.

Let Your Face Radiate

The shape of your face and the length of your necklace should balance each other perfectly. Round necklaces amplify the curves of your face, whereas angular necklaces highlight sharp lines. An oval-shaped face embraces all chain lengths, yet a long necklace can vivify the jawline of a round-shaped face. For a more petite and angular face, a round and short gold necklace is ideal.

Valquère is here to assist you in making a statement. For more information on our collection, or to avail our personalized service, we invite you to contact us.
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