When it comes to commemorating a wedding anniversary, embracing Valquère's philosophy of 'statement made' becomes most relevant. An extraordinary milestone like sixty years of togetherness calls for an extraordinary gesture. An elegant, high-quality lab-grown diamond, encapsulated in a timeless solitaire ring from Valquère—a gift that re-enacts the magic of your marriage proposal and signifies an unparalleled commitment to love.



Diamond Jubilees: A Historical Perspective

Venturing into the genesis of the term 'diamond jubilee', one uncovers an interesting narrative. Historically, marking 75 years of matrimony was celebrated as diamond anniversary. However, in 1897, Queen Victoria declared her 60-year reign as her Diamond Jubilee, setting a precedence that altered the connotation forever. Today, 60 years of marital bliss is often marked by the celebration of a diamond jubilee. Factors such as shifting life expectancies contributed to this change, making it more feasible for couples to celebrate this significant milestone, often marked with a resonant piece of diamond jewelry.

The Solitaire Ring: An Emblem of Perseverance and Love

At Valquère, we passionately craft each solitaire ring at our Antwerp studios, ensuring it represents the journey of devotion and companionship that encapsulates every diamond jubilee. You perhaps could not afford a large diamond during your proposal - we believe this occasion gives you a chance to 'make it up'. After the roller-coaster journey of marriage, she deserves nothing less than an exquisite solitaire ring - a testament to the years gone by and a promise of the years to come.

Indeed, every anniversary is a special occasion. Valquère invites you to celebrate each one with our meticulously crafted, high-quality diamond jewelry. Discover our extensive collection of diamond rings today.

With this revised information, we hope to have filled any gaps in your understanding of diamond jubilees and the symbolism of a classic solitaire ring. To make your celebrations even more meaningful and heartfelt, Valquère pledges personalised service, combined with our commitment to handcrafted, lab-grown diamond jewelry signifying a new kind of luxury.
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