After finding the perfect wedding dress and tailored shoes, it's time to find the wedding accessories that will enhance your outfit. The choice of a beautiful dress is of course essential. Next, you have to need to find the best jewellery to enhance your bridal look. 


Yellow gold diamond engagement ring

For successful harmonisation, choose a diamond ring to suit the wedding dress

To ensure that your wedding day is a real success, each element needs to perfectly complement your outfit. Together your jewellery must enhance your diamond ring, which must be the star of your outfit. Jewellery is a key element in completing your nuptial look, and the diamond ring is the centrepiece of your outfit.

To determine the range of matching jewellery with the dress, hairstyle, and other accessories of your outfit, always choose as a starting point the dress that will suit the other elements of your look. We always recommend that brides who have chosen a simpler dress combine it with a magnificent necklace or a diamond ring studded with matching diamonds. It is a true symbol of femininity that will make your style even more glamorous.

At Valquère, excellence is not merely a standard; it's our foundation. Our lab-grown diamonds are lovingly handcrafted, emphasizing larger, high-quality stones (FVS1 and EVVS2), with a unique focus on fancy shapes such as oval and emerald cuts - all designed to make your diamond ring a standout piece.

The choice of metal is very important for a quality ring

White gold, yellow gold, platinum, you have a true panoply of choices of material for a diamond ring that you will wear for the rest of your life. Diamond rings, engagement and wedding rings tend to be yellow gold, white gold, or platinum.

A very light wedding dress is like a blank slate, it works great with a variety of different accessories such as a gorgeous diamond ring. With our innovative approach, you can upgrade your size or enhance your personal jewelry collection within your budget. Our lab-grown diamonds are environmentally friendly and cost-effective, ensuring consistent brightness and color.

If you are looking for beautiful piece of jewellery, original and authentic pieces as a gift, contact the experts at Valquère who will help you make your choice.
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