At Valquère, we've seen first-hand that 30% of couples choose the crisp, romantic allure of fall and winter to announce their engagements, with Christmas reigning as the most cherished moment to propose. This insightful data comes from a mammoth study conducted by Facebook, examining 2.6 million love-struck couples. But have you ever wondered what men expect from their proposal? The answers may surprise you. 


Yellow gold engagement ring

The Priceless Value of Engagement Rings

When it comes to the question of 'how much should the engagement ring cost?', many would argue that you cannot put a price on love. Yet, impressive rings are often anticipated, with women usually expecting the ring to symbolize their love story in a cost of 2000 euros or more. Here's where we at Valquère step in with our high-quality, lab-grown diamonds, beautifully handcrafted in Antwerp.

Interestingly, men often express a willingness to spend more on a ring than their future bride may expect. But it doesn't stop there; about one-third prefer to share the shopping experience, to mutually discover each other's style. Personal service, after all, befits a truly personal occasion.

Preferred Diamond Choices

The expectation of a large, sparkly gem holds true across the board. With our extensive selection of engagement rings, our white gold ring, brilliantly adorned with our lab-grown diamonds, is a popular choice. The gorgeous princess diamond cut offers an enchanting alternative.

Men and women alike appreciate the appeal of a unique engagement ring, making a statement that truly suits them. This new kind of luxury has resonated with millennials, who increasingly opt for engagement rings with vibrant, coloured gemstones.

Length of Engagement

After the unforgettable proposal, it’s time to start planning your wedding. Women usually lean towards an engagement period between 12 and 18 months, while men's opinions differ widely. Some aspire to marry within six months post-proposal, while others prefer a longer engagement period of around two years.

The essence of engagement is far more nuanced and individual than one might think. Men and women may have differing viewpoints, but the shared dream is a ring that symbolizes their unique love. So why not make a statement with Valquère's expert advice
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