Your search for the perfect designer earrings, those that effortlessly catch the eye, ends here at Valquère. We believe a unique piece should not only match your personality and your look but should also deliver a statement. Here, we offer you the guidance to combine designer earrings with your outfit, infusing your style with high quality and distinctive aesthetics. 


Valquère earrings

Why Valquère for design?

At Valquère, earrings are not just jewellery; they are a testament to a rich history, an emblem of timeless elegance, and a nod to European craftsmanship. Stay ahead of trends with our iconic designs that are always evolving yet grounded in classic appeal. From ear studs to pendants or creoles, our pieces are contemporary and destined to shine bright for a lifetime. When you choose a pair of lab grown diamond earrings from us, you are choosing a superior finish, bespoke quality, and a lifetime companion.

Our lab grown diamond designer earrings are an excellent choice for those seeking to redefine their luxury aesthetic. Allowing for customisation, we give you the liberty to collaborate with our professional designers and create a signature pair of lab grown diamond earrings that embodies your individuality.

Unveil the Variety of Designs

Designer earrings from Valquère are like the refined touch to every woman's ensemble. Our vast array of designs, infused with diverse coloured diamonds and precious metals, offer you unlimited options. Choose from yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or red gold, each piece seamlessly blending innovative technology with exquisite European craftsmanship.

Our white lab grown diamonds, a winner among gemstones, add a distinct flair to our jewels. Still, we encourage you to explore unique pieces adorned with pink or blue coloured diamonds. For a special occasion or to simply elevate your everyday look, our designer collection will leave a lasting impression.
Valquère earrings

Mastering the Art of Wearing Design Earrings

A pair of designer earrings set with striking lab grown diamonds will always demand attention. Strike the perfect balance with the rest of your outfit, directing the spotlight to your elegant earrings from Valquère. Enhance the sparkle of your earrings with a sober colour outfit or opt for black to create a striking contrast.

The harmonious pairing of makeup with your earrings can create an alluring effect. With our attention-grabbing lab grown diamond earrings, opt for natural makeup to ensure that the jewels capture all the attention. Try pairing yellow gold earrings with golden bronze eyeshadow and white gold or platinum earrings with a cool eyeshadow in a darker shade than your eye colour.

Ready to make your luxury statement? Browse through our comprehensive collection at Valquère and discover the magic of our lab grown diamond earrings. Or schedule an appointment in our showroom for a personalized experience that redefines exceptional customer service in the luxury diamond landscape.
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