Born with the fusion of tradition and trend, the golden bracelet stands as a timeless accessory. At Valquère, we craft each piece to embody this enduring elegance, making it the perfect statement for every woman. So, where did the golden bracelet, a symbol of status and wealth, first make its appearance? How has this statement jewellery piece evolved over the years, reflecting the changing trends whilst retaining its timeless charm?


Golden diamond bracelet

The Humble Beginnings of a Classic Accessory

Stunningly, the first bracelets graced human wrists around 7000 years ago. Civilizations like the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians and Chinese, knew well the symbolic value of jewellery, which not only adorned but also displayed status and affluence. Initially, bracelets were made from natural elements like long grasses, flexible branches, and shell – with even occasional use of gold.

When Did the Golden Bracelet Begin Shining?

After the Bronze Age around 1400 BC, gold along with silver began to be common in jewellery. Still symbolising status, precious jewellery was often buried with their masters in Ancient Egypt, often adorned with gemstones. In China, however, the love for gold in jewellery took a while to settle, with jade being the preferred material.

The Evolution of Golden Bracelets: Reflecting Valquère's Values

If there's one thing consistent about fashion, it's change. The Mediterranean style of the Greek bracelet spread rapidly across Europe, only to lose popularity during the shift to the Middle Ages. It wasn't until the 17th century that wrist adornment made a comeback, this time as a fashion statement. Throughout the 20th century, countless styles and variations of bracelets emerged, targeting the evolving fashion trends and design styles. Today, the grandeur of gold stylishly intertwines with natural designs and materials in a new kind of luxurious trend – an ideal reflection of Valquère's values.

Where to Find the Perfect Golden Bracelet: A Statement Made Luxuriously

As creators of handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp, we at Valquère specialize in high-quality lab-grown diamonds. We ensure a personal service that caters to your unique style and needs. Whether you're seeking a statement piece to symbolise a new kind of luxury or a timeless accessory, our experts can guide you in choosing the perfect golden bracelet for your collection.

The golden bracelet has travelled through time, evolving, and adapting, just like the values of Valquère. It's more than just a piece of jewellery; it's a statement made.
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