In the journey of life, we mark milestones with tokens of remembrance, gestures that resonate with our evolving selves. Be it the joy of an engagement ring, nestled in love, or the pride of a wedding dress, each speaks an intimate story. At Valquère, we understand that these narratives are not only about you but are also glimpses of the world you belong to. A world where a new kind of luxury is cherished, a world where "Statement made" isn't just a phrase but a realization of your unique self-expression.


The Essence of Valquère: A Reinterpretation of Elegance and Innovation

Our clientele, the advanced Smart Luxury consumer, seeks harmony between innovation and tradition. They are the trendsetters, the digitally adept individuals who define the future while revering the past. As driven by ethics as their aspiration for quality, they represent a new wave in societal norms, an upheaval in how we perceive value and opulence.

Harnessing Tradition, Embracing Innovation

Our statement pieces are more than just accessories. They are handcrafted in Antwerp, designed to mirror the wearer's distinct character, their fearless determination to stand out. With a focus on high quality, larger diamonds, and a variety of cuts, our creations imbibe the true essence of luxury, transforming the customary into a celebration of personal style.

Our customers also value sustainability, and to this end, lab-grown diamonds, our specialty, uphold their convictions. These diamonds provide a balance of luxury, sustainability, and value, with the added benefit of offering ethical and environmentally friendly options. The enhanced clarity and color consistency, coupled with an option for upgraded size or personalization within a similar budget, make them an irresistible trend, especially for milestone celebrations.

Celebrating The ‘Situationships’

We understand that bonds of love defy traditional confines. While engagements and weddings form a large part of our story, we also delve into the intricacies of 'situationships'. These complex relationships between friendship and romance mark new trends, revolutionizing the way we express commitment.

Navigating Market Trends

As the market trends shift towards quality and sustainability, the popularity of lab-grown diamonds is on the upward curve. Their appeal lies not only in their affordability but also their ethical production and low environmental impact. Astute consumers are increasingly seeking these diamonds, reinventing the future of luxury.

In conclusion, Valquère is more than a jewelry brand. We are a reflection of our patrons - advanced, resourceful, purposeful, and charming. We exist to celebrate your stories, to shape the trends, to redefine the essence of traditions. So, whether it's an engagement ring or a wedding dress, with Valquère, rest assured, a Statement is indeed made. Browse our collection or contact one of our experts if you require guidance to find the perfect design.
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