In the world of diamonds, the round brilliant reigns supreme, coveted for its breathtaking brilliance. However, there lurks an unsung hero, quietly asserting its unique presence - the oval diamond. Distinct and somewhat elusive, the oval cut diamond, a speciality at Valquère, offers a departure from the timeless round cut. But why buy an oval diamond from Valquère


Yellow gold oveal diamond engagement ring Valquère

The Birth of the Oval Diamond

Choosing an oval diamond signifies an appreciation for a relatively new, yet classically inspired design. The oval diamond’s ancestry can be traced back hundreds of years, but the quintessential cut we celebrate today was perfected only in 1957, courtesy of a Russian diamond connoisseur, Lazare Kaplan. Known for his talent in transforming diamonds deemed unworkable into mesmerizing gems, it was Kaplan's oval diamond cut that truly immortalised his legacy.

The world's most iconic and sought-after engagement rings feature Kaplan’s oval cut, adorning the hands of celebrities like Katie Holmes and Heidi Klum.

The Distinct Character of an Oval Diamond

At Valquère, our oval diamonds exhibit an ideal length to width ratio of 1.35 to 1.50. Though, the beauty of this cut lies in the possibilities it presents. Choose to elongate, and the diamond adopts a sharp, bold persona – a true statement piece embodying Valquère’s promise of a ‘new kind of luxury’. Shorten, and the diamond takes on a softer, endearing charm, echoing the traditional round cut, yet maintaining the distinct qualities of an oval.

The Unique Appeal of an Oval Cut Diamond

Why buy an oval diamond from Valquère? Simple. You are choosing a diamond that dares to be different. Its understated popularity is actually a benefit as it often costs less than the highly coveted round stone. Moreover, despite having the same number of carats, an oval diamond tends to possess a larger surface area, allowing it to appear bigger. Perfect for an engagement ring, the oval diamond also showcases great versatility, lending itself to innovative settings showcasing a horizontal placement in recent years, further enhancing its exclusivity.

Looking for a standout oval diamond, handcrafted with personal service from Antwerp? Trust Valquère's team of diamond experts to guide you.


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