Distinguishing between lab grown and natural diamonds: a personal expression of elegance.

Selecting a diamond, whether lab grown or natural, is an intimately personal choice, driven by your preferences and priorities. Rather than a matter of absolutes, it’s about embracing the allure that resonates with you.


no mining

1. No mining is required

Lab grown diamonds posses the exact chemical composition as their natural counterparts, it requires special technology to be able to tell the stones apart. Crafted within controlled environments, lab grown diamonds, as the name suggests, are made in laboratories through a meticulous process. Carbon, subjected to high pressures and temperatures that mimic the conditions that occurred underground millions of years ago to create natural diamonds.

2. A new kind of luxury

Lab grown diamonds redefine the notion of luxury, offering gems that are indistinguishable from their traditional counterparts to the naked eye. This is amplified in the world of fancy coloured diamonds, where the natural blue and pink diamonds are incredibly expensive and can now be created in a lab.
joy of science

3. The joy of science

Traditionally, natural diamonds have been sold as the symbol of romance, natural geological wonders formed 3 billion years ago deep below the earths surface. Yet, the creation of lab grown diamonds is equally astonishing, combining science and art. For those with an appreciation of human innovation, the process of growing a diamond in controlled circumstances, underlines pioneering technology and creative brilliance.
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