The mesmerizing allure of a lab grown diamond solitaire engagement ring is undeniable. Revered as a symbol of love, these rings of precious yellow gold, white gold or platinum captivatingly spotlight a single lab grown diamond. A staple of timeless elegance, the solitaire engagement ring has become an unwavering symbol of commitment in our culture, its presence in cinematic narratives, celebrity milestones, and even royal engagements, readily identifiable. 


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Why the Undying Popularity of a Solitaire Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Ring?

The solitaire's popularity finds roots in history, traced back to Frances Gerety, a trailblazer and role model based in the US during the post World War II era. Her memorable advertising catchphrase for De Beers, "A diamond is forever," revolutionized the narrative around diamond engagement rings.

The ensuing ad campaign cleverly spotlighted a single diamond ring, fortifying De Beers' standing in the diamond market. It also sparked the ubiquitous admiration for solitaire diamond rings, a sentiment that has since resonated worldwide. What followed was Tiffany, a globally renowned jeweler, amplifying this trend by introducing a single diamond in its now iconic 6-prong setting.

Today, solitaire engagement rings unsurprisingly continue to command the market. The unparalleled fire and sparkle of a lab-grown diamond adds a bit of magic even to a solitaire piece, resulting in an extraordinarily beautiful ring.

Different Styles of Solitaire Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

The term solitaire engagement ring traditionally refers to a ring that elegantly showcases a single lab grown diamond. However, in the pursuit of individuality and grandeur, many customers lean towards a design that, while retaining the essence of a classic, is also uniquely impressive.

An exquisite twist includes widening the traditionally sleek ring band and accenting it with small diamonds in a pavé setting. The result - a halo solitaire ring that proudly boasts a dazzling display of fire and sparkle, embodying luxury at an affordable price.

The Shapes Available for Solitaire Lab Grown Diamonds

The solitaire diamond rings primarily feature the round brilliant, known for its superlative sparkle and radiance. While it certainly dominates the scene, plenty of other non-conventional shapes have found their space. For a dash of drama, consider the pear with its teardrop shape, or the square princess cut diamond, perfect for those in love with geometric, angular shapes. Essentially, any cut is suitable for a sophisticated solitaire engagement ring, depending on your personal style.
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Remember to Maintain Quality - The Key to a Perfect Lab Grown Diamond

The central lab grown diamond holds great significance in a solitaire engagement ring, often being the star of the show. This requires attention to its quality, especially for larger diamonds. The quality, and consequently the price, is determined by the 4C’s - Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut - all of which should be mentioned in a diamond certificate. This certificate should ideally be issued by a reputable gemological institute like GIA, HRD or IGI.

At Valquère, we not only bring to your high-quality lab grown diamonds - but we also redefine the luxury diamond landscape. Seamlessly blending exquisite European craftsmanship with innovative technologies, we promise rings that are destined to shine bright for a lifetime. If you are hunting for your dream solitaire lab grown diamond engagement ring and seek expert advice, we're here to assist you. With our exceptional customer service, we ensure that every step of your journey not only meets but exceeds your expectations.
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