At Valquère, we're seeing a sparkling trend: women increasingly investing in diamond jewellery for themselves. Gone are the days when diamonds were a gift bestowed solely by a significant other. Many women, having grown weary of anticipation, are treating themselves to these exquisite treasures. Whether it's to commemorate an achievement, an investment opportunity, or a self-indulging reward after weathering life's storms, women are boldly stepping in to claim their desires. Why indeed hold back when you have the means and the desire?


Investing in Self-Worth: Women and Diamond Jewellery

A recent research discovery reveals that over half of diamond jewellery buyers are now women. This is no localised trend; it's a global phenomenon. These 'Just Becausers,' as they are lovingly termed, are successful women aged 45 and above, with an enviable annual disposable income exceeding 90,000 Euros. This could be taken as a sign of new-wave feminism. In comparison to the bygone era of banner-carrying marches, today's women fearlessly display their autonomy through their choice of distinctive handcrafted diamond jewellery, bought by none other than themselves.

Diamonds are more than just a showpiece; they are potent statements. Be it a message to an ex-partner or to amaze your colleagues, they are a universal symbol to flaunt one's confidence and success. What's noteworthy is that these savvy women aren't restricted to traditional jewellery shops or online platforms; many are venturing into auction houses, traditionally male-dominated spaces, hunting for the perfect vintage trinket. After all, diamond jewellery, especially of the high-quality lab-grown variety like Valquère's, continue to be a sound investment.

Ladies, we invite you to explore Valquère. With our range of Antwerp-proud, handcrafted statement jewellery, we assure you will find that perfect piece that echoes your taste and style. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
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