In a world where strong, independent individuals can readily gift themselves something luxurious like diamond jewellery, knowing how to choose the perfect piece is essential. We’ve compiled all the crucial tips and considerations from various experts and bundled them into this comprehensive guide on "how to buy diamond jewellery." 


Know Your Style: Lab-Grown Diamond Jewellery and You

Take a deep introspective look at your style portfolio. Consider the wardrobe you're most comfortable in, and ensure you invest in diamond jewellery that aligns seamlessly with your personal fashion statement. From business casual to boho chic, each style can be elevated by a dazzling piece of diamond jewellery.

The Versatile Statement Pieces: Finding Your Diamond Match

After identifying your style, selecting diamond jewellery that complements it is the next step. A chunky statement ring might beautifully accessorize your evening attire for a cocktail party, but a sporty, shimmering tennis bracelet might be the perfect match for your business suit. Make sure your diamond pieces not only align with your wardrobe but your lifestyle and activities too.
Valquère ring

Considerations When Buying: Doing Your Due Diligence

When you've settled on the type of jewellery, it's time to research your jeweller. Look for a provider who guarantees quality, offers transparant information, and has a clear return policy. Consider the benefits of online jewellers, who often offer better prices due to lower overhead costs and provide extensive collections that you can browse at your convenience.

The 4C’s and Certified Diamonds

Knowledge is power when it comes to purchasing diamond jewellery. Learning about the 4C's - carat, cut, color, and clarity - will help determine the intrinsic value of the diamond. Moreover, ensure your diamond comes with a certificate from a recognized independent gemological laboratory. This confirms the quality of your diamond and provides a detailed summary of its value.

Choosing the Right Shape: Reflecting Individual Statement

Your diamond's shape reflects your unique tastes and personality. Whether you prefer round, princess, emerald, oval, or pear shapes, the mounting and setting of your diamond are equally crucial. Remember, the cut plays the most significant role in revealing a diamond's brilliance and beauty.
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Valquère: Redefining the Luxury Diamond Landscape

Choosing your diamond jewellery should be an experience as unforgettable as the pieces you select. At Valquère, we blend exquisite European craftsmanship with innovative technologies, creating high-quality, lab-grown diamond pieces that are destined to shine bright for a lifetime. With our exceptional customer service, we make sure your journey in finding your perfect diamond jewellery is as shimmering as our creations themselves.

By making your statement, investing in your taste, and doing your due diligence, you're bound to discover the perfect diamond jewellery piece that truly reflects you. Remember, the diamond journey begins with the right knowledge and ends in a sparkle.

The allure of diamond jewellery is rooted in its ability to capture light and reflect it in the most mesmerizing manner. The brilliance, radiance, and beauty of a diamond are truly unmatched. As you embark on the journey to find your ideal piece, may you be guided by all the tips and considerations shared in this expert guide. Always remember: you deserve the best and Valquère is here to ensure you find it. Don't hesitate to contact our team to assist you in finding the perfect piece for you.
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