Poised to propose the life-changing question? Eager to etch this ephemeral moment in time? Alongside the ubiquitous face cam, dashcam, and bike cam, the ring camera emerges as an innovatively intimate tool to enshrine your special occasion. Installed in your handcrafted engagement ring box from Valquère, this compact camera captures every precious expression of your beloved as they behold our high-quality, lab-grown diamond.



The Ring Camera: A Silent Storyteller of your Proposal

Post-proposal, the inquisitive surge from loved ones can be overwhelming. But why tell when you can show? The ring camera staunchly stands as your silent storyteller, vividly portraying every detail of the moment you slipped the statement jewellery piece onto their finger. Your prized proposal memory, now a timeless keepsake, courtesy of Valquère.

Origins of the Ring Camera: A Spark of Innovation

Born from the innovative minds of Michigan's Hope College students, the ring camera was conceptualized as a creative conduit to chronicle a proposal. Fusing technology with personal service, these students concocted the idea of embedding a petite camera inside the proposal's centrepiece- the jewellery box, a concept now embodied in every engagement ring from Valquère, available for €152.

A Disappointing Proposal? We've Got You Covered

A proposal that didn't go as planned? Don't worry; we've incorporated a delete button for such contingencies. With a simple click, start afresh, holding the symbol of your love, the ring, in your hand. Our engagement rings, handcrafted in Antwerp, and the attached ring camera stand as symbols of our commitment to reshaping luxury.

The Essence of Proposal: An Engagement Ring from Valquère

Venturing into a proposal soon? Remember, the ring camera is a remarkable accessory, but the real magic lies in the engagement ring that embodies your love. In Valquère's world, bespoke, lab-grown diamond rings hold centre stage, offering a plethora of choices in colour, shape, and alloy. Our statement jewellery style, free home delivery, and 20-year product guarantee, subtly speak our brand values.
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