Preferably chosen when contemplating a piece of jewellery that effortlessly fuses luxury and symbolism, the trilogy - a classic diamond ring, is often overlooked in favour of the more popular designs. When people deliberate over diamond jewellery, they frequently consider the timeless diamond solitaire, the halo design, and the eternity ring. However, the Trilogy or Trinity, a classic diamond ring, is a statement piece that deserves its due recognition. 



Yellow gold diamond trilogy ring

Understanding the Trilogy: A Classic Diamond Ring

The Trilogy ring, embodying the essence of three-in-one, represents harmony in perfect unity, symbolising the triad of the body, mind, and spirit. This representation draws on the enduring attributes of the triangle, an element of strength for many ancient civilisations, and mirrors the connection between the earth, sky, and divine cosmos.

Crafting Hand-made Luxury: The Valquère Trilogy Ring

A true representation of the Trilogy concept, the Valquère Trilogy ring features three meticulously hand-selected diamonds, each one imbued with the mystique of Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world. The ring's diamonds, whether of uniform size or with a slightly larger centrepiece, are hand-set on a meticulously crafted band, making each Trilogy ring an embodiment of the Valquère philosophy - "Statement made."

The Trilogy ring, available in either a uniform all-diamond design or with a touch of colour, offers the purchaser a splendid amalgamation of personal service and high-quality lab-grown diamonds. Making a coloured gemstone the centrepiece, flanked by diamonds, adds a contemporary twist to this classic diamond ring.

The Trilogy ring, an offering from Valquère, exemplifies handcrafted jewellery from Antwerp and is a testament to a new kind of luxury – making it an heirloom piece that epitomises the timeless nature of statement jewellery.

At Valquère, if you've envisioned a specific design for your Trilogy ring, our team of designers and consultants are at your service, ready to actualize your dream piece – handcrafted, especially for you.
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