Zurich, next to Bern, is an eminent city in Switzerland known for its financial institutions and rich cultural life. This cosmopolitan city is not only about banking and culture; it's a treasure trove when it comes to shopping for high-quality luxury goods, including diamond earrings.



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The Unique Charm of Zurich

The compact city of Zurich offers a diverse range of experiences. Iconic landmarks such as the 11th-century Grossmünster, the 12th-century Frauenmünster with its impressive Chagall windows, the Swiss National Museum, the zoo, and the Kunsthaus all compete for your attention. And when you want to relax, Lake Zurich is just a stone's throw away, ideal for swimming and boat trips. But for those who appreciate the finer things in life, the Bahnhofstraße, the old town and the Niederdorf are the city's shopping jewels with numerous fashion stores and luxury jewellers.

Zurich: The Destination for Handcrafted Diamond Earrings

Zurich's strong economy and high average income are manifested in the city's luxury consumer market. It's true, prices in Zurich can be high, even when compared to other European metropolises. The quest for the finest diamond earrings in Zurich leads to Valquère, where each piece is a statement, embodying a new kind of luxury.

Why Choose Valquère for Diamond Earrings in Zurich?

At Valquère, high-quality, lab-grown diamonds from Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world, are crafted into unique pieces of jewellery. At our Zurich showroom, you can examine and try our handcrafted diamond earrings that characterise a new kind of luxury. You have the option to purchase either directly from our showroom or online. Our personal service ensures a luxury shopping experience, whether you reside in Zurich or are simply visiting.

The Valquère Promise

We pride ourselves on offering beautiful, conflict-free diamond earrings directly from Antwerp. We believe that you shouldn't have to compromise on quality or craftsmanship, and with Valquère, you truly do not. Our diamonds are not only ethically sourced and lab-grown, but they are also set into jewellery that makes a statement about who you are.

Make A Statement with Valquère Diamond Earrings in Zurich

Welcome to Valquère, where every purchase is more than just a transaction. It's a luxurious experience that elevates your style. Visit our showroom in Zurich today to experience the Valquère difference for yourself or contact us for personal advice.
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