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How can I change the ring size after my order?

If you bought a standard jewel in the wrong size, we will provide a size adjustment free of charge within 30 days, provided the jewel is in its original condition.

By how many sizes can my ring be resized?

The maximum number of sizes a ring can be resized either way is by three. Any greater and the ring cannot be resized as this will affect the integrity and overall quality of the ring. In such an instance the goldsmith will need to make a new ring in the correct size.

If possible, we will adjust the original ring. If the difference is too big or if the design does not allow for resizing, a completely new ring will be made.

Even after 30 days, we can still resize your ring. If the size adjustment can be made on the existing ring, the cost will vary between 85 and 105 EUR (excluding VAT). If a new ring has to be made because your ring is personalized, has a complex design, the adjustment is too difficult, or the overall quality might be affected by wear, you will receive a fair price proposal in advance.

A free of charge size adjustment only applies when the jewel is sent back to the head office in Antwerp by post or personal delivery. Transport to and from our showroom is not included in the above indicated prices.

If you would like to use this service, please fill out this form and our team will contact you shortly. If you live outside the European Union or if you have any questions, please contact our experts at Valquère. Our specialists boast considerable expertise in ring resizing, leaving no trace of their work behind. 


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