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How can I measure the right ring size?

When it comes to surprising someone with the perfect ring, finding the right size can be a thrilling challenge. Our list of methods will ensure you maintain the element of surprise while effortlessly determining the correct ring size. Explore our range of options below and learn how to keep the secret hidden.

Use an existing ring as a guide

Use a calliper or ruler to measure the inner diameter of a ring. This precise measurement, given in millimeters, can be utilized to identify the perfect ring size. Download our conversion chart, featuring the corresponding Valquère ring size alongside the diameter measurement in the first column.

Effortlessly convert international ring sizes

Employ our comprehensive comparative table to convert ring sizes from different countries or systems to the preferred Valquère’s sizing conventions.

Use a printable paper ring sizer

Experience the simplicity of our paper ring sizer, carefully designed to provide accurate results. Print, cut, and employ this innovative tool to determine the correct ring size. Ensure accurate scaling during the printing process for reliable measurements.

Order a ring sizer

Order our cutting-edge synthetic ring sizer to precisely measure the finger and determine the correct ring size. Valquère will deliver the ring sizer, completely free of charge and with no obligation to make a purchase.


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