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Our lab grown diamonds

Every Valquère jewel begins with a lab grown diamond of exceptional quality, and in the hands of our artisans their inherent beauty and brilliance is brought to life.

Production method

We are exclusively dedicated to the highest grades in cut, colour and clarity - FVS1 and EVVS2 - guaranteeing your diamond is eye clean and destined to shine bright for a lifetime.

Valquère's unwavering commitment to exceptional quality drives our careful selection of the production method that best complements the desired diamond's characteristics. This dedication ensures that every piece of jewellery we craft is a masterpiece that consistently exceeds our clients' expectations.

Fancy coloured lab grown diamonds

Natural coloured diamonds are an exceptional example of a natural phenomenon. The environmental conditions required to form these miracles of nature occur so rarely that on average only one in 10,000 diamonds possess natural colours, making them exceedingly valuable.

Today, it is possible to have the best of both world. In the finest rare colours ranging from blue to pink and yellow on request, Valquère offers an array of extraordinary lab grown coloured diamonds. These gems are identical to their natural counterparts, making it impossible to tell the difference with the naked eye.

Uncompromising quality, transparency and authenticity

At Valquère we place great importance on certifying our lab grown diamonds, ensuring complete transparency and authenticity. By obtaining certifications from the most esteemed diamond laboratories worldwide GIA and IGI, we ensure that every aspect of the lab grown diamond is objectively assessed. We believe transparency is the cornerstone of trust. When you choose a Valquère jewel, you can have complete confidence that all lab grown diamond details are not only accurate but also reliable. This level of transparency empowers our clients to make well-informed choices, knowing that every aspect of your lab grown diamond jewel has been rigorously examined, documented and is of the utmost quality.

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