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Valquère: A Leading European Pioneer in Premium Fancy Coloured Diamonds


At the forefront of the European lab grown diamond industry, Valquère is renowned for offering a collection of high-quality colourless and fancy-coloured lab grown diamonds like pink and blue. Our commitment to delivering consistent quality to each customer involves meticulously hand-selecting each individual diamond.

In an industry where the majority of fancy-coloured diamonds fail to meet our stringent criteria, we take pride in our ability to create the perfect vivid and intense colours. Our achievement in reaching the highest colour scale, including Intense Vivid Pink and Intense Vivid Blue, along with other colours and our exceptional eye-clean guarantee (diamonds boasting either VS1 or VVS2 clarity), sets us apart. Less than 5% of lab-grown diamonds worldwide attain this level of quality, establishing us as a trusted source for high-quality diamonds.

The Rarity of Natural Blue and Pink Diamonds

Natural pink and blue diamonds are incredibly rare and valuable, with vibrant colours fetching over $2 million per carat. Their beauty and scarcity make them prized treasures. Pink diamonds for example are exceptionally scarce since very few diamonds display their iconic rosy hue and rich, vivid colours. Creating these unique colors is a complex challenge achieved by only a select few.

Challenges in Lab Grown Fancy-Coloured Diamond Production

Recreating fancy blue and pink diamonds with an eye-clean guarantee and the highest colour scale in a laboratory is a complex task. Challenges include:

Impurities and Colour Centers

Attaining precise colours in diamonds require the introduction of specific impurities or defects into the crystal lattice. Creating eye-clean diamonds while controlling these impurities is difficult, as introducing foreign elements may create other inclusions or alter the crystal structure.

Growing Conditions

Laboratory-grown diamonds require meticulous control of growth conditions to produce specific colours. Achieving the highest colour scale is more straightforward for white diamonds (colourless or near-colourless), but fancy coloured diamonds demand even more precise control. The size of the diamond can significantly impact the complexity of the production process. Large fancy coloured diamonds with an eye-clean guarantee pose particular challenges.

Homogeneity of Colour

Ensuring a consistent and appealing colour throughout the entire diamond presents a considerable challenge. Even minor variations in growth conditions or impurity concentrations can result in uneven colouring.

Cost and Investment

The research, technology, and equipment necessary for creating these specialized laboratory-grown diamonds are costly. The investment in terms of time and resources required to develop these capabilities can be substantial.

Indistinguishable Beauty and Value

Lab grown or natural, blue and pink diamonds share identical optical, physical, and chemical properties. To the naked eye, they are indistinguishable.

It's essential to note that while both natural and lab grown pink and blue diamonds are rare and highly durable, a key distinction emerges when considering resale value. Natural pink and blue diamonds of a nice size are worth millions and their selling prices went times 20 in the last decades while lab-created diamonds are far less expensive and will most probably never increase in value like the natural colored diamonds did the last century…

Valquère stands out as one of the few suppliers offering top-quality lab grown coloured diamonds. We hand-select each diamond to ensure our customers receive nothing less than top quality. Creating the perfect shade with an eye-clean guarantee is a challenge that many lab-grown diamond jewellers avoid.

Lab grown colored diamonds are relatively rare but offer a more affordable alternative to their mined counterparts. Valquère invites you to explore this exquisite rarity, appreciate their allure, and elevate your elegance with their maximum brilliance.

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